New Product Development

Every invention begins its story as an idea. Usually this idea first comes to life on a scrap of paper or even a restaurant napkin. The visionary who doodled the idea down will likely carry it around for a while, thinking about it, talking about it with trusted comrades and then, eventually, the visionary will come to a decision point. Either they will act upon the invention or they will stuff the scribbled concept into a desk drawer, or even worse - a wastebasket.

We like to think of ourselves as doodle-rescuers.

We love to work with visionaries to hammer out their ideas and inventions. To roll out the butcher paper and process flow them right into existence. If you have a wrinkled piece of paper in your pocket - we’re just the team for you. Whether tangible or intellectual … all ideas are welcome, protected and nurtured into maturity. Then, we ready them and you, for the marketplace.

Rescue my doodle!

Manufacturing and Fulfillment

Whether our team has been involved with your product’s entire journey or you find yourself coming to us with an already-finished prototype - we can join your story at any phase and help you find a manufacturer to produce your invention for the masses. We also provide brand identity, website creation with eCommerce, as well as securing fulfillment assistance once those orders start pouring in.

This is me!