Change Management & Business Revitalization Programs

We manage change for businesses, believing that seasons of evolution are always necessary for growth and reaching one’s greatest potential. We also believe that sustainable modifications and business revitilizations are best achieved through our commitment to clear communication and empathetic implementation. Our proprietary approach to change management and business revitalization always begins with thorough pre-launch assessments. These assessments  provide a review of past performances and growth in light of current performance and growth, for the purpose of identifying inefficient systems, redundant processes and unproductive environments. From that extraction, we then guide each relevant system or department through the necessary movements required for efficient, systematic and successful transition.

Our approach to change management and business revitalization:

Systematic Technology Transition:

When new technology is required for infrastructural improvement and/or achieving the next stage of growth and efficiency, a seamless and systematic transition is critical. The Norris Ventures team is prepared and equipped to assess needs and present feasible and efficient solutions.

Process and Operational Mapping:

Mapping daily operations and processes are imperative to identifying the inefficiencies and weakest links. As an integral part of successful change management, methodical mapping will clarify necessary modifications to current business processes and identify solutions that increase productivity.

Resource Valuation:

Understanding not only the quantity of resources, services and vendors but also the quality of each, is imperative to understanding the leanest development and delivery of any product or service. A comprehensive appraisal of how many vendors are utilized, what value each one provides and the associated costs of delivering a product or service, requires time and patience. Our team’s systematic review and subsequent reporting provides keen insight into what it realistically takes to do what you do best and deliver it with maximum profitability. In other words, we help you make sure that you are not paying for services that you don’t need or paying too much for services that you do need. Sometimes we even help you discover that you have the means to create and monetize those services from your own resources, which just means more productivity and profitability for your portfolio.

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